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Stitching Creativity into Product Design

As a former wedding dress designer with experience in creating custom-made designs,

I believe I bring several valuable advantages to the table as a candidate for the future product designer position.

Personalization Expertise: Leveraging my bridal design skills, I bring a unique ability to create user-centric and personalized UI/UX designs, enhancing user satisfaction.

  1. Attention to Detail: My experience in wedding dress design, with its emphasis on meticulous detailing, translates directly into UI/UX design. This focus ensures no element is overlooked, crucial for crafting seamless and visually appealing user interfaces. My keen attention to detail will significantly enhance overall user experience.

  1. Empathy and Customer Focus: My bridal design experience, rooted in empathy and customer understanding, will inform my UI/UX designs, ensuring user-friendly and intuitive interfaces that resonate with end-users' needs and desires.

  1. Creativity and Innovation: Drawing from my background in designing unique wedding gowns, I bring creativity and innovation to UI/UX design, enabling the creation of distinctive interfaces and pioneering user experiences.

  1. Time Management and Adaptability::My wedding dress industry experience, marked by meeting tight deadlines and adapting to changing demands, equips me for the time-sensitive and flexible nature of UI/UX design, ensuring efficient delivery of quality designs within strict timelines.

  1. Business Management Expertise: My background in business management, with skills in project oversight, budgeting, and team coordination, provides a strategic approach to UI/UX design, aligning designs with business goals for project success.

  1. Leadership in Marketing, Advertising,

  2. and Sales Strategy: Leveraging my marketing, advertising, and sales expertise, I will apply insights on design's influence on consumer behavior to create UI/UX designs that are user-friendly and align with business marketing and sales goals.




To realize the design concept and cater to the selected target audience, the store's design was meticulously tailored.

This involved creating a modern, minimalist ambiance, contrasting with the traditional bridal shop aesthetic.


A central feature is the elegant display of nine white bridal gowns, each individually illuminated and floating in a minimalist space with a black concrete floor, surrounded by a striking white staircase.

This design choice not only embodies contemporary sophistication but also aligns perfectly with the modern and fashion-forward identity of the brand and its clientele.

Group 12.png



The logo merges modern style with artisanal quality in a bold, sans-serif font, targeting fashionable women and highlighting the brand's focus on wedding gowns. Its romantic, curving thread and wedding ring-resembling 'O' combine modernity with tradition, symbolizing commitment and enhancing emotional engagement.

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