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Arty An application for locating classes, courses, and workshops in the field of art in the user's area of ​​residence.


UX/UI | Illustrations Prototyping


Personal Project



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Arty is an application that brings art lovers and artists together, offering access to art and design courses, stores for materials, and exhibitions in the user's area of ​​residence.

Arty includes a marketplace for artisans to sell their works of art and serves as a social networking platform.


The goal is to create a vibrant community for art enthusiasts and artists, fostering creativity and collaboration within the art and design industry.

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Art and design are highly popular areas of interest, with classes ranking second after sports.

Existing apps and websites cover a wide range of subjects, making it challenging to find specific art courses.

These apps lack significant visual stimulation, which is important for art lovers to truly connect with a field.

There is no app that caters to the target audience and provides a marketplace for artisans to sell their works of art.

Currently, no app provides social networking, which would be highly beneficial for all kinds of users and would create creativity and collaboration within the art and design industry.


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I conducted interviews with artists and art enthusiasts to gain insights into their preferences for such an app, including the features they would like to see and the challenges they currently face in finding art classes and selling their artwork.


Of art, teachers support combining an app for finding classes with selling artwork.


Of art lovers are motivated to register, when they can see pictures of works they will make.


Of art lovers desire an app that consolidates all art courses in one place.


Of art lovers and teachers believe social networking would help in deciding which class to enroll in.


The survey results indicate that there is a demand for an app that combines features such as finding art classes, selling artwork, showcasing visual representations of artworks, consolidating art courses in one place, and incorporating social networking features.  

Competitor Analysis  

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To fully understand what I need to design better, My first go-to platforms were the ones providing similar services in Israel and frequently used by art lovers and art teachers.
  • Wide variety of classes.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Outdated design.
  • Lack of reviews.
  • No social networking opportunities.
  • Unfocused.
  • Lack of artwork sales functionality.
  • Insufficient visual content.
  • Access to reviews.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Updated design.
  • A limited selection of art classes.
  • No social networking opportunities.
  • Unfocused.
  • Limited availability in certain areas.
  • Lack of artwork sales functionality.

Convenience for Art Lovers: The app streamlines finding and accessing art and design courses, lectures, and exhibitions in one place, saving time and effort.

Business Opportunity for Artists/Teachers: The app offers a unique platform for artists and teachers to advertise their classes and sell their artwork, generating additional income and expanding their customer base.

Community Building: The app fosters a sense of community within the art and design industry, bringing together art lovers, artists, and teachers in a social networking environment for creativity, knowledge sharing, and relationship building.

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Art teachers advertise classes and sell artwork.

People of all ages who are looking for an art class.
Parents who look for an art class for their children.

People who look to buy a work of art.

Art shop owners.


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Color Palette

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Prioritizing User Experience

I have chosen to prioritize the user experience of those seeking art courses, as it is a primary function of the app.


The login screens play a crucial role in guiding the user flow within the app. Art lovers can log in as guests or registered users to fully participate in the app's social network and sign up for trial classes.


The app also verifies the user's age range and residential area to ensure that relevant content is tailored to their needs.

Login Screen

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Leading the user to the right flow

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Tailored Content: Age-Range Based

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Streamlining Relevant Information by Location

The Main Scenario
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The app streamlines the user experience by allowing for easy search, registration, and purchase of art classes, stores, and exhibitions.


Personalized content is tailored based on user profile, including age range and location. Users can browse categorized classes, view details, read reviews, and consult with instructors.


The course page also provides access to the instructor's digital store for purchasing artwork. Immediate registration or trial class sign-up options are available, ensuring a seamless and efficient user journey.

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